Monday, February 22, 1999

Send a Photo

More often than not, I send a photo (or other item) for a celebrity to sign. I feel that this increases one's chances of success -- especially with tough celebrities. I'm surprised at how often I get my photo back signed, as well as another signed photo provided by the celebrity. It's nice to get an extra. Perhaps the celebrity appreciates the gesture of providing a photo and rewards the writer with a little bonus?

On the same note, almost always I include a couple of blank index cards with my requests. Very often these will come back signed. These are excellent for building cast or group items later on. I also like to send signed cards as a "thank you" to fellow collectors who help me out with information or tips.

Sunday, February 07, 1999

To Bother or Not

Often, I have seen celebrities in public; places like Tower Records, restaurants or just walking in the street. I won't ask for an in-person autograph, because I feel as if I'm intruding in the celebrity's personal space and time. However, events designated for signings are fair game, as is the mail.

My feeling is a celebrity can choose to grant or dismiss mail requests at their own time and on their own terms, so I am not excessively intruding upon them.

I feel that there is another advantage to mail collecting. Through the mail, I am a person with a name, thoughts and opinions. Assuming the celebrity reads his mail, my comments may impact his thoughts and feelings. I may get a considered response. Conversely, with an in-person encounter, the seeker is typically just another faceless person with a Sharpie and an 8x10.

Monday, February 01, 1999

Slick Goodlin

Chalmers H. "Slick" Goodlin is a legendary test pilot and the first man to fly the Bell X-1, the plane that Chuck Yeager eventually flew to break the sound barrier. If you are interested in aviation, drop him a nice letter -- he is a true gentleman. Mr. Goodlin will gladly sign your item for free, and for $10 he will send a great black and white photo signed. He has other signed items available as well. Write him for details. (As always, a s.a.s.e. is a MUST!)

Chalmers H. Goodlin
2615 Granada Boulevard
Coral Gables, FL 33134