Friday, May 28, 2004

Just Wonderin'

Chances are you found my blog through my main website. The site has served me well for several years, however, I am debating taking it down, or at the very least archiving it and leaving it as a reference only.

Truth is, the regular website is a lot of work to keep updated, and this blog is so much easier to keep current. The downside is that the blog doesn't have the visual reference material that can be seen on the regular website.

I have a pretty decent hit count on the website and get a lot of comments on it, but are people going there to read my journal or are they just using it as a reference? I guess I'm wondering if people will continue to visit if my autograph site is in blog format only...

Thursday, May 27, 2004

Classic Kirby Thor

Something from my collection. It won't be at the top of the CGC Census, but it's a classic Kirby cover in any grade. One of the top 5 Thor covers in my book.

Has Hulk 181 Peaked?

eBay item 2246896690 (Ends May-28-04 17:30:00 PDT) - INCREDIBLE HULK #181 CGC WHITE PAGES

Here's a nice clean CGC 6.0 Hulk 181 with a $500 Buy It Now that's been untouched for over a day. Seems to me that this would have been scooped up in an instant at one point. Given the insane prices for VF or better grades, I'd think a copy like this would draw some attention. Is the Hulk 181 fever subsiding? Or is demand for mid-grade books lower than I thought?

Free Comic Book Day 2004

Free Comic Book Day 2004

July 3rd is Free Comic Book Day. Local comic shops have a variety of free comics printed especially for this promotion. Be sure to stop in at a local comic shop to pick up your free comic. If you're really nice, they might give you a few freebies.

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Photos from Air & Space Show

Hey, I finally figured out how to put photos in the blog! So, here are some pictures from the Air & Space Show in Titusville,Florida this past weekend.

This is me with Apollo 15 moonwalker Dave Scott:

And here I am with ISS Cosmonaut Yuri Usachev:

More to come...

PSA/DNA: Have They Weakened Their Brand?

PSA/DNA started out years ago authenticating vintage sports autographs and they did a great job.

However, I am not as optimistic now that they have branched out into all areas. They are not as solid in these other areas and I have seen signatures I am sure were fake with PSA/DNA holograms. It also bothers me that they claim to be able to authenticate people like GW Bush. Anyone that has seen his signature knows it is almost impossible to authenticate... and any company that claims they can is not being realistic.

I fear they have weakened the PSA/DNA Brand by branching into these other areas of expertise.

First Annual Air & Space Show

The Air & Space show I helped to produce went off this past weekend with great success. To see photos and what some of the attendees had to say, go to

I was lucky enough to get a bunch of photos signed, including my wooden Saturn V model which I added Dave Scott, Paul Weitz and Jack Lousma. I'm running out of real estate on the model, so I'm not sure I can add many more signatures. If Neil Armstrong wanted to sign, I might have to find room by whiting out a previous signature. ;-)

Once I figure out how to put photos in this Blog, I'd be happy to post some of my own pictures.

Stay tuned for the Second Annual Air & Space show.