Friday, April 15, 2005

No Gift Grading Here... Move Along...

Check out this White Mountain Amazing Fantasy 15 that has been graded 9.4.

Sure, all of MY books with:

* 2 fuzzy abraded spine corners,
* colorbreaking creases URC FC,
* creased ULC BC,
* loose looking, fuzzy staple holes
* color loss along entire top edge, and
* a minimum of SEVEN spine stresses

get 9.4s.

When this was assigned a 9.4, I'm sure they had NO IDEA it was a big-shot dealer/collector pedigreed book.

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Lord Thanos said...

Actually comics from the White Mountain pedigree usually do have some distinctive indications. Undoubtedly, the person who had this slabbed made CGC aware of where it was from. One of the good things about CGC is that it has helped to demystify the pedigree comics a bit. I remember when people would routinely pay three times guide for a pedigree comic that was in inferior to the same in better condition simply because it was from a pedigree. While many pedigree comis are of amazing quality, far from all of them are.