Wednesday, July 27, 2005

DC Collection Is Complete!

With the recent acquisition of New Adventures 26, UK collector Ian Levine has completed his quest to collect every DC comic ever published. To keep the title, Ian continues to buy every DC comic published every week.

Congrats to Ian on a notable achievement! Here are some pics...

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Stephanie said...

That's insane! I mean cool, but clearly insane. The fact that he dedicated so much time and money to it really makes you happy for the guy that he reached his goal, though. So is he just going to retire from collecting (except the new DC ishs, I guess) and live in comic book reading valhalla for the rest of his life?

Bob Lowes said...

I wish I could feel happy for him. But Ian Levine is such a twat I can't possibly.

He's often to be found on Doctor Who forums expounding on his own importance because he rescued some early 60s tapes from being destroyed. Currently, he's hatching insane plans to animate lost episodes (despite this being prohibitively expensive to do), incorporate some crappy fan films with newly filmed material to make them 'legitimate' Doctor Who episodes, or generally being an over-reactionary arsehole to anyone who dares disagree with him.