Monday, January 09, 2006

Ewert Trimmed JIM: Deja Vu All Over Again

A CGC Unrestored NM 9.4 Journey Into Mystery featured in the most recent Heritage Auction has been identified as the same book that was previously a CGC NM- 9.2. Apparently, the top edge has been trimmed. The previous owner confirms that he sold it to Jason Ewert when it was still a 9.2 and prior to it being trimmed.

Read about it here.

It seems to me that Jason Ewert knew the grading system well enough to be able to identify flaws that could be a) micro-fixed to improve grade .2 or better, and b) shaved away undetected. From the few examples that have gone public, it seems as though books whose primary flaw was slight fuzz on the spine corner(s) were good candidates for trimming.

Since the book in question was graded after the last Ewert trimming scandal, CGC obviously still cannot detect this trimming with consistency or accuracy.

One shudders to think just how many of these trimmed books have passed through CGC undetected.



I talked to CGC about this on 1-29-2005 and was told that they "Weren't god" when it comes to detecting these things. They're generous offer of devaluing the books free of charge, other than shipping I assume, is ludicrous. They should purchase these books at the prices the duped paid and take them out of circulation. These books, if submitted for recertification, are not going to be looked at in the same manner of other books. I would think the assumption that these books are very likely trimmed is going to effect the graders perspective, as in "We think it's trimmed, now lets prove it". I was also told, and the persons manner wasn't anything but egotistical, that "only a few books got past us". So Ewert submits through a different person now. How hard is it gonna be for him to circumvent this? In everything I've read so far about this, no one takes CGC to task for quite possibly having any involvement in this. Is the company that gave a mid-grade low page quality collection the notation "From The Collection Of Joe And Nadia Mannarino" based on the fact that they graded 4000 books at once above suspicion? I saw a trimmed book registry containing way more than "a few" books listed on this site. I was told by the ill mannered person I spoke to that CGC "was getting better" at detecting these things. How? The company that presents itself as The authority is just now starting to get better? Ewert should come clean if there's anything collectors/investors all over the country need to know. If CGC is corrupt, then what? The panickers will dump their books and the calmer, more long sighted people will snap them up at a fraction of their value. CGC is a great concept. The ego of the higher-ups at CGC could spell their doom. They need to hear their customers, and listening is a little more than just waiting to speak. You fucked up big time guys, whether it was an honest or dishonest mistake. CGC's credibility just went down the tubes. I welcome any comments. Send to

Anonymous said...

THEECOMICGUY here. I talked to CGC on 1-29-2006, not 1-29-2005. I am not precognitive.

Anonymous said...

Theecomciguy here again,

An email recieved from Jason Ewert stated the following:

"I can
also assure you I did not trim any book or knowingly sell any trimmed book
and this will ultimately be proven."

Not saying I necessarily believe it. Then again, I didn't expect a response either

Steve said...


When did you receive this email? Can you forward it to me at