Tuesday, January 10, 2012

CSC Collectibles COA = Junk

I recommend you avoid items with the CSC Collectibles Certificate of Authenticity / hologram. These worthless COAs appear on the same junky fakes we've seen with the equally worthless Nicholas Burczyk COAs.

I suspect it won't be long before this rubbish COA is banned from eBay as well. Sadly, the criminals who produce these fakes will just produce another phony-baloney authentication COA to slap on the bilge they pump out. It's like COA "whack-a-mole."

One thing to note about these mass-produced fakes is some of them are on 5x7 photos. Now, if you paid big bucks for a private signing with Mickey Mantle, Joe DiMaggio or Ted Williams, would you waste it by having them sign offsize and unpopular 5x7 photos? Of course not. The forgers are so cheap, they probably use 5x7s to reduce costs.

It's even worthless as toilet paper.


Mike said...

I agree.. I live in the Albany area and frequently peruse the local craigslist collectible ads for pieces to add to my collection. I have comprised a list of "newer" companies that I feel are not legitimate. CSC is one of them.

Steve said...

I am in Saratoga County. :-) CSC has actually been around for a while, but it seems they have had a revival on eBay since so many of the other junk COAs have been banned - TTA, STAT, Burczyk, Morales, etc., etc.

rt61junkie said...

i purchased a Mickey Mantle/ Ted Williams signed photo at a bid aution for $75.00..I advertised it on ebay and immediately it was pulled and i was put on notice NEVER to try to sell this again or I would be booted off ebay..I honestly did not know it was fake. Once again ebay acted Too Strong.

Christopher said...

@rt61junkie...What do you mean "Ebay acted too strongly?" Ebay can never act "too strongly" when removing forgeries.