Thursday, March 08, 2012

ACE Authentication and CSC inducted into eBay Hall of Shame

You didn't have to be Nostradamus to see this one coming...

As of March 2, 2012, ACE Authentication and CSC Collectibles, have been added to eBay's Banned COA list.

Justin Priddy, formerly of GAI, is the owner/lead authenticator of ACE. If you see Justin Priddy at a card show, perhaps you can ask him what it feels like to join the ranks of Chris Morales, Ted Taylor, Don Frangipani and Operation Bullpen related COAs.

Perhaps Nostradamus has some insight into who else will be joining the eBay Hall of Shame shortly...

Here is the complete list of eBay banned COAs/Authenticators.

Autographed items with COAs and LOAs, or references to COAs and LOAs from the following people or organizations:
  • ACE (Autograph Certification Experts)
  • Coach's Corner Sports Auctions LLC
  • Christopher L. Morales
  • CSC Collectibles
  • Donald Frangipani
  • Forensic Document Services
  • Hollywood Dreams
  • J. DiMaggio Co. / J. DiMaggio Company
  • Legends Sports Memorabilia
  • Nathan's Autographs / N.E. Autographs
  • Nicholas Burczyk
  • Pro Sports / Pro Sports Memorabilia
  • Rare and
  • Robert Prouty
  • R.R.'s Sports Cards & Collectibles
  • SCAA / Front Page Art / Angelo Marino
  • Slamdunk Sportscards & Memorabilia
  • Sports Alley Memorabilia
  • Sports Management Group
  • Stan's Sports / Stans Sports Memorabilia
  • TTA Authentic (formerly STAT Authentic)
  • Universal Memorabilia
  • XMI Authentications
  • USA Authentics
  • Blank COAs and LOAs
  • COAs and LOAs as stand-alone items
  • COAs and LOAs from anyone listed on the FBI's Operation Bullpen web site


irobot56 said...

I see items on eBay right now(3/21/12) with ACE authentication; what does "banned" from eBay mean?

Steve said...

Ebay has no way of blocking them before they are listed, but is a banned COA is used, the auction will be removed if it is reported or eBay auditors find it first.

Christopher said...

Garbage autographs with a COA from "CSC Collectibles" will also get removed when reported. They all get removed eventually. I have no idea why people sell this crap. The autographs are obvious forgeries.

thomas catanzarita said...

my gf got me a Mariano Rivera ball with the coa from ace so i guess the ball is garbage then huh?

Steve said...

ACE isn't 100% fake, but a high percentage. Would need to see a scan to know for sure. Post a link to an image if you can.

Ryan Finger said...

I have an RG3 autographed jersey with an ACE certificate. Could this be authentic? The autograph looks the same from one I bought from Ultimate Athletes Ink

Steve said...

As stated above, ACE isn't 100% fake, but a high percentage. Would need to see a scan to know.

Ryan Finger said...

What's your email and ill send you a pic

Steve said...

I am not familiar with his autograph to make a determination. I recommend posting an image at Someone there will likely know.

Jeff Turner said...

Sounds to me like people with higher prices are getting upset people with lower prices are selling them out because if indeed all of these companies on this so-called banned list were illegitimate companies and committing fraudulent acts I'm sure they would be arrested by now!!!??

Steve said...

Ok, Jeff. You adopt that attitude and fill your collection with "bargain" items with COAs from banned authenticators. See how that works out for you. LOL

Ben Blah said...

Might I have you all know that are saying that "Ace is fake" that you clearly have no clue about what you're talking about. Every autograph that is collected by Ace is SIGNED IN PERSON!!!! That's right. IN PERSON! Check their website. Just like Steiner Sports. It's IRON CLAD! So you can shut up now. Thanks assholes. What Ace does and what other loser wanna be "collectors" do on Ebay, has nothing to do with Ace or what any other LEGIT collecting source does. THANKS!

Ben Blah said...

Taken from the Ace website directly. Signed in the Presence

Perfect for trade show and private signings, ACE Signed in the Presence provides the added security to consumers that they are getting a 100% genuine autograph.

This is the most restrictive and distinguished certification offered by ACE. Our Signed in the Presence is only available for items that an authorized ACE representative has witnessed being signed. So if you've bought from ACE. Your autograph IS GENUINE!It was signed in person and with a witness.

Ben Blah said...

It has to come with an ACE tag and a serial number. A LEGIT Ace certified product. If you bought it off off Ebay with a phoney COA? That's another story. Then yes, that could be a fake! Don't ever do that!!! By from legit sources. Here are a few.

1. Sports (My go to site.)
2. MLB Shop
4. The players direct website. They always sell autographs. You just pay WAY MORE!
5. Steiner Sports.
6. Tri Star

Ben Blah said...

I've been collecting for 26 years and I know the game. DON'T BUY BS off of Ebay. Don;t waste your time and money. 90% of the "autographs" off of Ebay are fakes. Spend the extra cash and get a genuine signature that you can treasure. It's WORTH IT! Trust me. It's!

Steve said...

I will leave "Ben Blah's" comments up, but clearly he is confused or mistaken if he thinks ACE Authentication (Justin Priddy) is taken seriously by any knowledgeable collector.

russell meyers said...

ok so here is the deal if you dont trust them then dont buy from them.Here is what i do i go get my autographs and take a picture of them signing a friend of mine takes my autographs to like a show where there is a ace authenticater there then they get certified and i know there real.

russell meyers said...

People are right it is a money market ok i took a football that was sign by mike wallace and i had a picture with me and him with football sent it to jsa and they said it was a fake then send the same ball to a show where wallace was and ace was and had both my footballs authenticated,go figure so
what do you do now? so here is another happening

grahm grabiec said...

I just purchased an Evgeni Malkin signed hockey puck from a dealer in a local mall. ACE COA. I came home and looked it up just or fun. Once I saw that ACE was a fraud, I looked for other pcs of his signature and they don't match. I have an untrained eye, and I can tell they don't match. What should I do?

Steve said...

I cannot comment on the autograph itself, but if you are unhappy and it is a recent purchase, just bring it back. The fact that ACE has been banned by eBay should be reason enough to make a valid claim that you have no confidence in the credibility of their opinion. If the store gives you a hard time, file a claim with the credit card company if that is how you paid.