Saturday, June 30, 2012

Pitiful Neil Armstrong / Apollo 11 Forgery

Finding a Neil Armstrong or Apollo 11 forgery is hardly a newsworthy event. They haunt the hobby like the ghost of phantom forensic document examiner Nicholas Burczyk.

However, every once-in-a-while I run across one so horrific it deserves honorable mention for inclusion in the Autograph Hall of Shame. Check out this train wreck, currently on eBay for a $5,999 Buy It Now...

World's least deceptive Apollo 11 forgery?
Of course, the item would not be complete without a certificate of authenticity from a forensic document examiner. In this case, the "expert" forensic document examiners at Academy of Manuscript and Autograph (AMA) deemed this gem "authentic." 


Christopher said...

Another beauty authenticated by a "forensic" person. These guys disgust me.

Mike said...

AMA actually has a better reputation than most as far as forensic examiners go. Interesting that the majority of their blunders are through online examinations and not physical ones.. I wonder why they would stake their reputation on a scan, especially of a highly suspect item potentially worth a lot of money. Seems like a bad business practice to me.