Monday, January 13, 2014

Know a bargain when you see it and don’t get greedy

This beautiful Derek Jeter signed ball was listed on eBay for a $125 Buy-It-Now or a $40 opening bid. 

$125 is an outstanding price for a strong 90s-era Jeter signed ball. But, instead of hitting it at that price, the opening bidder placed a $40 bid… presumably in hopes of getting it for much less than $125. Once the opening bid was placed, the $125 Buy-It-Now went away.

Bad move. The auction closed at $215. 

Lesson learned: don’t get greedy. If you see an item at an excellent Buy-It-Now, hit it and don’t worry about trying to get a rock-bottom bargain. If it is a good item, chances are you will get burned as did the “bargain hunter” who though he’d get the Jeter ball for less than $125.

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Blake Martin said...

Its to bad that greed is in our blood as humans often times being left to manifest inside our hearts. Good lesson. More people need to take this to heart