Sunday, June 06, 2004

Reagan Signed Books

As late as 1998, one could get an authentic signature from Ronald Reagan's office. With the proper request, his office would affix an authentically signed bookplate into a book - if you sent the right book. Here is a letter on how to do it from his office:

It has been theorized that they gave President Reagan stacks of bookplates to sign... almost as form of therapy as the illness took hold. As you will see in later examples, someone from his office added the recipient's name in calligraphic form, but the Reagan signature itself was authentic through 1998. Requests after 1998 were answered with an Autopen signature. Perhaps the supply ran out and he was no longer able to sign at this point? Signed book examples will follow tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Reagan used a later autopen pattern on bookplates well before 1998, as early as 1994. I personally received one.

See here:

Kurt said...

Although I don't know for sure, I think Steve is probably correct about Reagan not being able to sign by 1998 sometime. I was able to schedule a visit to Reagan's office with my wife in December 1998. It was basically a photo-op. We brought stuff to get signed, but were forced to leave everything in the waiting room. When I then told them I was hoping to get something signed, they told us we could each leave 1 book and that Reagan would personally sign them. We did that. The books came back autopenned in January 1999. Given that they were so strict about not allowing anything in, I assume it was because they didn't want us to see that he could no longer sign.