Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Captain America - Bronze Age Pac Coast Pedigree

One of my recent collecting goals is to get at least one sample of as many comic book pedigrees as possible. The Pacific Coast Pedigree presents a problem in that I think the Silver Age books are typically overpriced by a lot. I understand that paying a premium is all part of collecting pedigreed comic books, but the Pacific Coast premium is way too high. This is somewhat perplexing to me because, in my view, the pedigree isn't any nicer than most other pedigrees that can be had for a much smaller premium. Is it due to hype?

In any case, I picked up a Pac Coast, but opted for a much less expensive Bronze Age book. It's a 9.2, but looks just as good as many slabbed 9.4s or 9.6s I've examined. How can you go wrong with a Jack Kirby Captain America Bicentennial cover?


Anonymous said...

Sweet book how much did you pay?I always wanted to get my hands on some of the MASS.copy ASMs

Steve said...

It was around $70 from PedigreeComics.com. Probably around 7x guide for this book, but still a lot less expensive than paying $400 - $500 for a common Silver Age Pac Coast.

Good luck with the MASS Spideys. Spideys are insane to begin with... once you start talking about Pedigreed Spideys, time to take out a second mortgage! ;-)