Monday, June 13, 2005

It Had To Happen

As a visitor astutely noted, here is a Mark Felt (Deepthroat) forgery on eBay.

Predictably, it has all the red flags typically associated with fakes and scams of all kinds:
  • Private bidder auction
  • Hokey "From my grandfather's collection" story
  • A slow, plodding signature with no "flow" is almost certainly a trace job. The seller explains it away as the "pen skipped," but it's pretty obvious the signature was slowly traced and probably even stopped mid-signature a few times.
  • Sold "as-is." The seller gives the buyer one week to return item, but how many authentication services can turnaround an authentication within a week? And what are the chances the seller is EVER going to part with the cash once they get it in their hands? Answer: ZERO.

eBay truly is a hive of scum and villainy.

1 comment:

Lord Thanos said...

Amen about eBay. It's certainly one of the reason CGC comics have as much allure as they do. Another red flag is the seller who says he or she doesn't know anything about grading but if they had to guess it would be near mint. Right!