Wednesday, June 29, 2005

That Old Comic May Be Worth $100!!!

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An ad from a DC comic, October 1975.

I suspect that these binders were similar to the binders that are still used to hold magazines today... the book is probably secured under a metal rod that is placed in the centerspread. It would keep the spine straight, but probably not do much to protect it from dust and oxidation.

Even 30 years ago there was a "value" mentality regarding collecting comic books.

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Motodd said...

Interesting ad. It says "waterproof," so I wonder if it's not some kind of plastic page protectors in a 3-ring binder. Probably crappy acetate. Hate to see the comics that were stored in those.

According to one online calculator, adjusted for inflation, the $100.00 would be about $374.50 today.

I like looking at old ads advertising back issues to compare the prices with today. The Mile High ads from the 80s, if I remember right, say "very good or better condition" in the fine print.