Monday, May 22, 2006

Next Blog >> Roulette

I often like to click the Next Blog button at the top right of Blogger blogs. I've found some interesting stuff I'd never have stumbled across otherwise.

That said, has anyone else noticed that there are an increasing number of porn and pyramid scheme type blogs? I guess that's to be expected on a free service such as this, but it used to be the worst offense you'd run across was the Oh-so-deep-and-wise 17 year old drama queen sharing every inane thought genre.

Further, almost 50% of the blogger Next Blog hits are now blogs in a foreign language. Not a problem per se, but it would be nice to be able to filter English Only or have a built-in blog translator. I would like to see what folks in other countries are writing about, but I will never know how to read any Asian or Arabic language. On a good day, I can get the gist of something written in Spanish or Italian. That's almost 3 languages... what more can be expected of me?

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