Tuesday, November 25, 2014

George Steinbrenner: Future Hall-of-Famer?

Is George Steinbrenner a future baseball hall-of-famer? I think there is a strong likelihood he will be and I am always on the lookout for Steinbrenner signed items. He did sign some baseballs through Steiner, but regrettably he used a thick sharpie resulting than less than prime signatures. You can easily find these on eBay in the $300 range.

I was happy to add this signed photo to my collection for a very reasonable buy-it-now on eBay.

Be cautious however, there are a lot of Steinbrenner forgeries on the market. There have been certain eBay sellers with an endless supply of "perfectly and neatly" signed George Steinbrenner baseballs, many with "The Boss" inscriptions, etc.

Also, it appears that he did have a secretary sign for him at times... I often see secretarial signatures on Yankee letterhead.

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