Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Resolution 2015: Focus on Quality

I have been writing about focusing on quality over quantity in collecting for a few years now. But, what about quality in all aspects of life?

As I get older, I find some habits and pursuits less and less fulfilling. Why is that? I think it is because the less satisfying pursuits do not provide "quality."

Think how much your life -- including your collection -- might improve if you:

  • Stop watching "empty" valueless reality shows and instead watch classic movies, documentaries and shows that provide insight, inspiration and knowledge. You'll think better.
  • Stop mindlessly thumbing through endless scrolls of your Facebook feed and visit a web site where you can learn something. Better yet, write an article for a web site... share your knowledge.
  • Turn off the tablet and pick up the phone to call a friend. 
  • Put down the trashy novel du jour and read a book about history, a biography or a classic novel.
  • Stop the impulse buys and exercise discipline. One quality $200 item in your collection is always more impressive than eight common ho-hum $25 items. The most admired collections have focus and quality. If you want quantity, look at the barns full of junk no one cares about on American Pickers. You want that?
  • Eat quality food. This is not about weight loss, but that may be a result. Are you really eating a floppy salt patty from a fast food chain when a real burger from the local diner is about the same price? As I get older, I have no patience for poor quality food. I'd rather go without than eat highly processed garbage food.
As Dave Ramsey says, "The difference between you now and you a year from now is the people you meet and the books you read."

We only have so many years on this earth; don't you want to spend them in the best way possible?

Best regards for a happy, healthy and quality-filled 2015!

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