Sunday, January 11, 2015

An EC Comics Classic: Crime SuspenStories 20

Crime SuspenStories 20
I haven't spent as much time over the past few years focusing on comics the way I used to, but I still actively collect EC comics. The covers and stories are among the finest the medium has ever produced as evidenced by strong collector demand 60 years later.

Among ECs, the trend over the past several years has been "classic covers." That is, certain covers have been in strong demand -- typically covers with the most graphic content. Interestingly, even those who do not typically focus on ECs will pursue ECs that have been by consensus deemed "classic covers."

One such classic cover that has broken out in the past year or two is Crime SuspenStories 20, which features a graphic hanging image. Just a few years ago this was priced along with the other "regular issues" around it and not considered a break out. For whatever reason, the collecting community has discovered it and it is now in high demand. Thankfully, I was able to obtain a nice copy at a fair price before it really shot up in price!

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