Monday, August 23, 2004

Another PSA/DNA Question Mark?

Here's another PSA/DNA COA on a very questionable signature. Stylistically, there are some minor problems with this signature, but even more troubling is the execution. What I mean by that, is, how it was signed.

Look closely at this signature and you will note that it doesn't flow. The signature is halted and hesitant. Often, when characteristics like this are exhibited, a forgery / trace job is a strong possibility. Look at the angle at the bottom of the paraph and how the pencil looks darker there... it looks as if it was "gone over" a second time to "fix" it!

Secondly, it is an older style signature, yet the inscription is laser printed. So even if the signature is real, the inscription was added later.

Third, the positioning of the signature is unusual and signed in a way that can give the impression that it was signed to allow space for the inscription. Now, if Neil Armstrong signed this card many years ago, did he position his signature in an unusual way because he knew that someone would want to print an inscription on the card years later? Obviously not. Something does not add up here.

Can I definitively say this is a fake? No. But there are enough question marks about this item to say that I could not verify it as authentic. PSA/DNA should not have either.

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