Friday, January 31, 2014

The story continues to unfold: Collector fears Eli Manning cheated him with ‘fake’ $8,500 helmet

Another story from the NY Post regarding potentially fake game used equipment from Eli Manning and the NY Giants.

From the NY Post article:
A former Steiner Sports employee said Thursday that staffers of the memorabilia seller suspected that not all of the “game-used” gear was real.

"Specifically, from Eli we would see it and say, ‘Come on, this is not ‘game used,’ ” the source said.

CEO Brandon Steiner declined to comment.
This does not bode well for Steiner Sports. If the charges are true, it is hard to fathom why a company built on the concept of no-doubt authenticity would even take a chance if there was the slightest suspicion the material Manning was supplying was questionable. The money they made off these items had to be a drop in the bucket of their overall product offering. Why mess around like this?

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